Seriously Rogers?

You guys won’t talk to us, won’t do what we ask for years, charge too much for the services we want yet when we go to cancel our cell phone package with you, I’m on the line for 18+ minutes talking to various people about why we want to cancel and who we’re going with and how you’re going to match their pricing…
And now that I’ve made it crystal clear (again) that we want to cancel the phone, you’re asking me if i want to transfer this account another member of the family?
You’re kidding, right??
Cancel, please!!
This is almost as bad as the time I was on the phone with Mister Transmission… but that’s a story for another time…

A Trip to the Butterfly Conservatory

During March Break 2014, I took a day off work to take my family to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Here is a video of that adventure–

We had an awesome time!  It was warm (in a relative sense for March) and the butterflies were very active.  Josh was in awe the entire time and couldn’t stop pointing to things and wanting us to see what he’s seeing.

I’d go again anytime–Having Josh there made the trip that more wondrous.

We’re Back!

We’ve been off-line for a few years–doing the family thing.

However, Sandy mentioned that she missed our little corner of the internet, so, with a few calls and updates, is back on-line!

The only sad bit is that we lost all of the original website!  I had saved the entire site on a hard drive before ‘decommissioning’ (throwing out) the old web server and, over the intervening years, misplaced it.

Oh well.  Start anew, I say!

So here it is.  Unsure how much it’s going to be updated, but here we are.

All questions or comments or concerns or brokenness with regards to the website can be directed to me.